Verona Health Department Township of Verona NJ

Colon cancer is one of the leading causes of death today, but it can be successfully treated if detected early. On Wednesday, March 28, you can pick up a free test kit at the Verona Health Department to start the screening process at home. The test detects the presence of “occult” (that is, unseen) blood, which can be an indicator of a problem.

According to the Health Department, the test is quick and easy. You do your own test in the privacy of your home and send the results to your own physician for follow up.

The free kits and education materials will be available on March 28 at the Verona Health Department, 880 Bloomfield Avenue, in the Verona Community Center. No appointment is required. The program is being made available in cooperation with Mountainside Hospital. If you have questions, call the Health Department at 973-857-4800.